The Ice House

Ice House Comedy ClubThe Ice House may be the oldest stand-up comedy club in the country.

If there’s a business that’s entitled to use the Legendary label, it’s The Ice House.

The Ice House opened in 1960. Over more than 50+ years, over 4 million people have shared thousands of hours of laughter and song at The Ice House.

The Ice House quickly became ‘the’ place to go in Pasadena for some much needed music and comedy.

The club combines music and comedy, and gives audiences a good time at reasonable prices. Each month over 7,000 people share good times and laughs at their 100 live shows.

The Ice House now has a second showroom, Stage 2, along with an outdoor deck/courtyard, and a VIP Room.

24 North Mentor Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91106-1745
(626) 577-1894