Philip and Henry

Philip and HenryPhilip and Henry’s website text has a computerized gibberish feel to it. They have obviously used software to insert ‘Los Angeles’ in the spaces in the text which is no doubt the same on every page. I bet that the same outlay is used in all the different area’s pages, with a substitute name.

Anyhow, that is no reflection on their performance or quality. Just that they ought to use a human being to write the text. It’s much more personal – and professional too.

So read on and discover what they are about!

Philip and Henry is one of the largest resources for magical fun in North America. They cater for all types of events. Their child family entertainment gives you and your guests endless fun, and a laughter-filled atmosphere.

They have entertained millions with their comedic flair and magic.

Professional magicians delight audiences of all ages with their eye-catching magic tricks and hilarious comical performances!

Use the Philip and Henry contact us webpage if you prefer to write.

U.S. Head Office: 3840 E. Robinson Rd., Suite 220, Amherst, NY 14228
(866) 257-7497