Rebel Chapter 4×4

Rebel Chapter 4x4 logoRebel Chapter 4×4 want to get back to the basics of four wheeling. When they go four wheeling they leave the drama and politics at home, and focus on having a great time.

The Club welcomes wheelers of all levels from beginner to expert, so bring your family and friends and go wheeling with them.

Their annual off road event “Rebel Rigs On The Mountain” camp out and run, is held in Big Bear Lake in September.

Rebel Chapter 4×4 say there is no forced activism in their organization. However, many of them are involved in petitions to save trails, and go to meetings with BLM and other organizations. But they say it is optional with them, as they are dedicated to the “back to basics” of four wheeling mentality.

Any Four wheel drive is good to go here as well.

Apple Valley, CA