Ladera Little League

Ladera Little League logoLadera Little League is a non-profit organization composed of volunteers.

They provide the following facilities for ages 5 – 14:

T-Ball – (Ages 5 – 6) Teaches fundamentals of the game and team play. This is a non-competitive league where players hit off a batting Tee. Scores are not officially recorded.

Rookie – (Ages 6 – 9) Players upgrade from a batting Tee to a pitching machine or coach pitch. This level provides players with a better understanding and concept of the game. 6 year olds are eligible to play if they have played one year of T-ball. Players become familiar with new positions and plays are now on a more consistent basis.

Minor – (Ages 8 – 12) Skill level increasing, and players are mixed with a variety of other abilities and age levels. Strategy is introduced at this level. Players are allowed to steal any base.

Majors – (Ages 9 – 12) Advanced play. Skill level is considerably higher than that of Minor. Play is faster at this level, while pitching becomes more consistent and accurate.

Juniors – (Ages 13 – 14) High level and skill play. Players can become high school, college and professional prospects.

Softball – (Ages 8-12) Minor and Major Levels only.

4859 W. Slauson Ave Ste. #538, Los Angeles, CA 90056
(323) 296-1654