New Basin Blues

New Basin Blues logoNew Basin Blues is a long distance running club. The group are joined together by a love of running.

There is no specific training program for everyone. Most everyone has his own program and will share it with you if you ask. New Basin Blues is a place where runners meet other runners in order to run miles.

They also meet regularly to socialize. That can mean sharing a cold drink under a tree after a Sunday run, before we go about our regular lives.

They have parties and social meetings. Twice a year New Basin Blues has a pizza meeting where the club buys your pizza, and you just buy your drinks.

Club business is often conducted there too. At the winter Pizza Meeting, they collect toys and Christmas goodies for a local charity. They also do other charity work for the disadvantaged.

New Basin Blues, P.O. Box 280502, Northridge CA 91328-0502
(818) 845-5711