Equalizers Track Club

Equalizers Track Club logoEqualizers Track Club is a youth running group open to those under the age of 19. They cater for those who train for and compete in track, cross-country and road racing.

Since 1986 the Club has had a strong tradition of helping runners of all ages achieve high ideals.

Equalizers Track Club is open to athletes who are interested in middle distance running, regardless of capability and experience.

Large numbers of athletes from this organization have gone on to lead their high school track and cross-country teams, as well as excelling at state and national levels.

The Club coach is Jerry Palazzo, who along with assistant coaches Marti Potter and Richard Eldridge, and the invaluable help of several parent runners of varied capabilities, all share the common belief that this program is for and about the runners.

1412 Stanford Circle, Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 469-5891