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Add a Free Listing on This Is LA City

To place a listing on our site for free, first you need to register. Once you provide your details and password etc, you can login as a Subscriber. If you want to add your own listing please contact us, and we will change your default login from Subscriber to Author, then you can make your own pages!

If you would prefer to have us make your page for you, that’s no problem, but there’s a small fee. A condition of a free listing is that you Do-It-Yourself. It’s not too difficult, but you will need to compose some text and provide at least one small graphic such as a logo to upload. You don’t need a logo, but it will make your listing more attractive and noticeable.

You can also add graphics into your text using the editor, and add images and videos by filling out the fields for the links, and adding a title and description.

In fact, you can pretty much choose your own layout. If you just want images with or without titles, you can do that! Want a page with just videos? You can do that! If you want a properly formatted page that has a full Contents with links to each Chapter? You can do that too!

Much of the other information you require such as a Google map of your location, is already built into the “Edit Page” page. If you don’t want a map of your location, you just leave it out. In fact you can leave out, or put in as much as you want.

To save time, take a look at some of the other listings in your own category, and others, to get some ideas of what to do before you start.