All contributors of articles and other entries to This Is LA must be able to credit the original author of images, text and videos wherever possible.

Generally, videos on YouTube etc are considered OK to use, providing the video is only embedded into your article. Copyright law states that making a link to embed videos into your article doesn’t infringe copyright, so long as the video is not offered as a download hosted on your own site or another, or if it is offered for sale etc, unless it is your own, or you can prove you have permission to do this.

We strictly advise all individual contributors to This Is LA to make sure they are also correctly attributing imagery they are using in their pages.

Any images, videos or text found to infringe copyright will be removed immediately.

Most pages on this site will contain an attribution such as:

Image courtesy of xxxxx  (where xxxxx is the name of the author). If it is available, the name of the author is also a link (URL) to where the image was found.

If this was not possible, then whatever information found is used. In some cases, it has not been possible to find the original author to give full credit. If this is the case, and you know, or you are the author, and would like us to credit you with your work, and offer you a link, please contact us.

If we have inadvertently used an image that is copyright, and would like us to credit you with your work, or want us to remove it, please also contact us.

For any advise, or for removal of any images, videos or text contact: