Empower LA logoEmpowerLA.org is the website for the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.

In a nutshell, this organization provides help and support for already existent Neighborhood Councils, and helps to set up others.

Their mission is to promote increased citizen participation in government and make government more responsive to local needs through the creation of a citywide system of Neighborhood Councils.  

EmpowerLA.org envisage that by 2020, they will have fostered a robust and empowered Neighborhood Council System that enables meaningful civic participation for all Los Angeles residents, and that serves as an effective voice for improving government responsiveness to local communities.

Neighborhood Councils include representatives of the many diverse interests in communities, and have an advisory role on issues of concern to the neighborhood.

They believe that citizen engagement in City government is important because no one understands a neighborhood better than the residents, business owners and property owners that make that neighborhood unique.

334-B East 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 485-1360