StethoscopeThere are going to be big changes soon to the healthcare market. Most everyone in the US will be required to have a health plan. Enrollment starts October 1st, 2013, but everyone will be required by Law to have one from January 1st, 2014.

The new “Exchanges” will offer cheaper plans, and are designed to also cover those who currently can’t get health insurance, or currently is at inflated prices due to age, medical history etc.

The reasoning behind the new plans is that it is cheaper to insure everyone now, than put out the fires later.

So far, only Massachusetts has implemented a similar program to the Governments overhaul. This was implemented six years ago by former Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, and has gotten good reviews, so the idea is proven to work.

The Yahoo Consumer alert: New Health Care Markets On The Way webpage offers a lot of info on the up-coming changes.